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Royal Warrant

Ever since 1924 Victoria Scandinavian Soap AB has had the honor of being called Purveyors to his Majesty the King. This title means an acknowledgement of our company and is a certificate of Swedish quality and appraisal.

Today the purveyors of King Carl XVI Gustaf are approximately a hundred and thirty in number while King Gustaf VI Adolf had more than a thousand during his reign.  The designated companies operate in many different branches but what we have in common is that we stand for good Swedish quality.

The Royal Court Administration issues on request a diploma to the company which is also permitted to use the warrant emblem for marketing. The emblem consists of a large national coat of arms with the wording Purveyors to his Majesty the King and is then seen upon as a quality brand.

Today the Royal Warrant is only granted by H.M. the King and H.M. the Queen. The appointment is based on the company delivering or performing services to a member of the Royal family. The Royal Warrant is personally attached to the company’s Managing Director or the equivalent of this position.

In 1981 Victoria Scandinavian Soap renewed the Royal Warrant as the company acquired a new owner.

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